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Dear guests,

In the summer of 2020, Saint George Beach Hotel  is ready to welcome you for a carefree and safe vacation. Adequate arrangements and staff training has been realized. Sars-Covid-19 health standards follow and are constantly adapted to protocols applied by the World Health Organizationthe and the Ministry of Health which aim to the safety of all guests and employees.We co-operate with scientists in the field of food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention, monitor developments and implement preventive measures so that we can ensure the health and safety of our visitors and partners.

We have developed new improved disinfection techniques, including nebulizer machines to reach all surfaces as well as UV disinfection lamps. In public places, we have added to the existing, new strict cleaning and disinfection measures with increased frequency using appropriate cleaners and disinfectants.

For your own protection against the risk of COVID-19 transmission, we use signage to maintain social distance in our already reorganized space.Hand disinfection stations is located in various parts of the hotel as well as at each entrance.We provide our employees with masks and gloves where needed. Food hygiene and safety is ensured by the proper training of food handlers in safe food preparation and presentation. In addition, we have designed new, safer approaches to buffet and dinner presentation to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Daily temperature measurement of our employees serving buffet, dilution of tables, umbrellas and seats in all common areas, latest technology disinfectants are a few of the necessary, but pleasant changes that await you at your favorite destination in Halkidiki Saint George Beach Hotel.

Please find below the detailed measures and actions we follow for the safety of all of us!


With our warmest wishes for health and strength,

The Personnel, Executives, Administration and Management of the Hotel



Physical and social distancing with floor signs

Two-way system to control traffic in order to avoid guests bumping into each other

Constant natural air ventilation and appropriate plexiglass separator for the reception desk



Arrival - 15:00 h.

Departure - 11:00 h.

Sanitizers available

Check-in will be provided with safe social distancing by staff wearing PPE, masks and gloves 

Guests are required to maintain distance as applied by the signage

Staff will deep disinfect all equipment at reception including room keys & cards, POS and high touch surfaces

Regular sanitation of door handles, surfaces, switches, etc.



Public areas will undergo rigorous disinfections with attention to high-contact areas

Social distancing will be applied in all areas for guests and staff’s safety

Areas will be operated at reduced capacity to ensure social distance

Guest are required to use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of public areas

Outdoor spaces with fresh air circulating



During meals food will be displayed on a buffet, strictly served by staff

All food will be served to guests by staff wearing appropriate PPE

Two – metre space between each table for safe distancing as per protocol guidelines

Guests are required to sanitize their hands before and after entering/exiting

Only one family per table at a time is allowed

Amenities are deeply cleaned and disinfected daily

Hand sanitizers will be located for guest’s use in all areas

The employees have been prepared according to the Covid-19 PPE training and will be wearing gloves and masks



In order to comply with all rules and regulations rooms will be cleaned every 3-rd day or by client’s request.

All reusable items from the rooms such as decorative pillows, electric kettles, etc., will be removed from the rooms following the medical health protocols.

Guests are required to vacate their rooms during housekeeping

Rooms will be sanitized with an aerial surface disinfection machine or a UV disinfecting lamp

When possible a 24-hour natural air ventilation method of the room in-between guests’ accommodation will be used as well

Request for keeping the belongings of the guests inside the wardrobe or suitcase during cleaning will be made



Playgrounds and areas will be disinfected daily

Kids’ activities will take place only at the designated outdoor areas

Children will be required to regularly sanitize their hands

Parents’ control will be required



The beach area will be appropriately organized in terms of social distancing and disinfection

Safe distance from each set of umbrellas and sunbeds will be 4 metres in diameter 



Covid-19 plan for action

Trained staff

Procedure and protocols in place on case of a guest infection

Dear guests,
Here we provide you with the information needed:

Country: Greece
Region: Central Macedonia
City: Neos Marmaras
PC: 63081
Street: Koutsoupia - Spalathronisia
Hotel: Saint George hotel
?+302 375 053 000
? +302 375 053 007
? +359 884 300 500

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Σπαλαθρονήσια - Σιθωνία, Χαλκιδική

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+302 375 053 007
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